We use only the highest grade, ultra-pure ingredients. High-purity ingredients in cosmetics offer enhanced consistency, potency, and alignment with sustainability demands. They ensure reliable effects with minimal variation, reduce the risk of irritation due to fewer impurities, and are produced via environmentally friendly methods, meeting consumer expectations for quality and ethical sourcing. These benefits are supported by studies on biotechnology-derived ingredients, highlighting their significant role in cosmetic efficacy and sustainability​.

Pisum sativum(pea)seed extract


- Pea seed extract is rich in antioxidants

- improve skin firmness and elasticity

- The extract contains arbutin


- generally considered safe

- good stability in cosmetic products


Pisum sativum (Pea) Seed Extract, derived from peas, is a potent ingredient in cosmetics. Rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolic compounds, it defends against free radicals, preserving skin health. Known for its anti-aging properties, it enhances skin firmness and elasticity, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The presence of arbutin promotes skin brightening, reducing hyperpigmentation for a more even complexion. Its anti-inflammatory nature soothes and calms irritated skin, alleviating redness and inflammation. Hydrating and nutrient-rich, it improves skin texture, while stimulating collagen production for increased elasticity. Hypoallergenic and safe for most skin types, Pisum sativum (Pea) Seed Extract embodies rejuvenation and protection for skincare formulations.
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