Our story


If you could formulate skincare with no constraints,
using finest ingredients sourced globally,
this is the brand that realize your dream.

The Uncalculated Inception of a Medical Student’s Journey.

A medical student's passion for creating the perfect cosmetic for personal and peer use blossomed into a cosmetic brand.

The founder of Monteranc, a medical student, discovered during research in the university laboratory that the purity of the ingredients was crucial to their effectiveness. Unlike pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, cosmetic ingredients available in the market were found to have lower purity and a lower concentration of active components. This discovery sparked a pure passion for creating cosmetics using only high-quality ingredients, laying the foundation for Monteranc's brand identity, which insists on using only the finest ingredients.

Born Different.

Pursuing perfection simplifies the equation.

Companies with the primary goal of sales create most cosmetics. In pursuit of profit, these companies often compromise on their desire to produce the perfect product.

At the time, the cosmetics market did not focus much on the purity or efficacy of ingredients. The concept of 'dermaceuticals' in skincare was barely known, and most beauty companies preferred to stick with traditional ingredients, celebrity endorsements, and attractive packaging over the risks of introducing innovative ingredients. For beauty brands, making a profit from cosmetics manufacturing was daunting.

However, Monteranc was founded not with the goal of sales but with a passion for creating the perfect product, free from the complex calculations of operating profit.

This founding principle became the driving force behind creating unprecedented products and elevating the standard of the products offered.

Advanced-Thinking, Advanced-Technology.

A trailblazing brand leading the industry.

Our founder's decision to manufacture cosmetics out of pure passion, not for profit, has made us a brand with many 'firsts.'

The founder discovered that while there is active research in the pharmaceutical field for effective and excellent ingredients, the study and use of such ingredients in cosmetics are minimal. Ignoring trends and attempting innovative ingredients in cosmetics is difficult due to the high risk involved. However, Monteranc could unleash passion and develop innovative products freely because they were not created for popular profit purposes but only shared within a community of acquaintances.

In the end, Monteranc's innovative products began to spread beyond the community of the founder's acquaintances, gaining popularity, particularly in the Gangnam area, which led to a surge in sales requests. This marked the beginning of the commercialization of Monteranc Volumefilling. Consequently, Monteranc earned the title of being the first to research and develop products that were previously non-existent in the market. It became known as a brand that insists on using only high-quality ingredients, distinguishing itself from typical cosmetic companies, and gained fame as the 'Gangnam Youth Serum' in the anti-aging cosmetics category.

Good marketing Makes a HIT, but outstanding product becomes ICONIC.

Only launch products with the Finest Materials.

Monteranc invests more in upgrading existing products than in planning new series. On average, Monteranc's products have undergone more than ten upgrades. Rather than aiming for a hit product that becomes popular among many customers, Monteranc has chosen to elevate the quality of its products to create masterpieces that remain on a customer's vanity for a long time. As a result, Monteranc has become a brand with a significantly high repurchase rate.

Release Only Products with the Finest Ingredients

Driven by the founder's pure passion for perfection, Monteranc's brand identity is rooted in creating the finest products using high-quality ingredients.

Monteranc releases products made from the highest grade materials, adhering to the brand philosophy that the purity and quality of ingredients directly impact the efficacy of the products.

It's possible to wear expensive clothes to look important, a suit to appear serious, or a red dress to seem passionate when attending a meeting tomorrow. However, it's impossible to suddenly lose belly fat to look slim, build muscles overnight to seem strong, or cram knowledge into your brain to appear intelligent.

A brand's identity is not completed through declarations. It is a complex entity, more like a 'body' that is formed by accumulating over a very long period of time than an 'outfit' that can simply be put on.

Our pride is based on a straightforward premise: "Excellence from the beginning" and "A long journey of pursuing the best."

Our journey has never been one of complacency, content with the current path, or minor achievements.Our journey has been defined by courageous choices and actions over time, unafraid to take risks.

This is the journey we have continued to walk to this day; the fundamental reason we differ from brands that wear plausible outfits and fashionable clothes.