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Baby Pores Spinach Essence 50mL

Baby Pores Spinach Essence 50mL

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Once you try it,
you'll understand the extraordinary effectiveness of this pore essence.

Facing persistent pore issues like these below?

Just by visiting this page, you're unlocking the secrets of the latest pore care solutions.

Makeup caking and settling in pores

Despite daily cleansing oil use, makeup still clogs pores

Blackheads and whiteheads

Despite trying pore pads, scrubs, nose strips, extractions, AHA, BHA, and peels, pores seem to worsen, offering only temporary relief.

Enlarged and stretched pores

Exacerbated by skin troubles and sagging, sunken cheeks, resulting in visibly open and enlarged pores.

If this describes your skin type,
It’s time to focus.

The common yet flawed pore care methods that may have harmed your skin:

Forced extraction leading to enlarged pores

Nose strips damaging up to the skin barrier

Scrubbing with scrubs causing skin abrasions

Skin roughened by coarse pore pads resulting in a sensitive and coarsened skin

With acidic components like AHA, BHA sebum and skin proteins dissolve leaving skin exfoliated and dry

For years,
many customers have questioned us.


Why pore products that effectively remove sebum and dead skin cells often lead to enlarged pores, increased sebum production, and a cycle of dry skin?


The answer lies in the fact that harsh pore management damages collagen around the pores, causing them to enlarge.

Furthermore, ingredients that dissolve sebum and dead skin also dissolve skin proteins, leading to dryness and aging.

There was an overwhelming demand for a release.

Is there a gentle alternative to aggressive scrubs, pads, nose strips, extractions, AHAs, BHAs, and peels? Monteranc was challenged: Could we tackle pore concerns?

In response, Monteranc is set to demonstrate, once again, its effective and unique approach to pore care.

Discover the new world of pore care with a gentle, essence-based approach.

Experience immediate effects

with zero irritation.

Even a single use leaves skin

feeling as if it's just been intensely cared for,
with a soft and firm texture.

Monteranc, the pore master,

has made history in pore care

by developing Korea's first

at-home MTS pore ampoule.

Once again leading the way

with its astonishing pore essence,

the Baby Pore Spinach Essence.

Loved for Its Unmatched Technology.

Globally recognized research institutions have acknowledged the efficacy of MONTERANC Teracle Ampoule

The high-purity refinement of naturally derived pure vitamin C and its bioavailability maximization technique has been validated and approved for publication in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, a prestigious international academic journal.

Achieved a prestigious milestone by being featured in journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, a globally respected health policy administrative organization.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is an American administrative body overseeing health and medical policies and is recognized globally for its authority by medical professionals. MONTERANC has successfully passed the stringent review process of journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, known for its highest level of global credibility in the health sector.

Published in the world's leading biotechnology information center: U.S. NCBI indexed journal

Recognized by the prestigious U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an arm of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, MONTERANC's scholarly article passes the stringent review process, marking a significant success in the realm of world-class biotechnological research.

The same face, but different pores
can make a big difference.

The 20,000 black shadows on the skin, known as pores, define the brightness and texture of your skin.

Revolutionary pore care.
Gentle yet, performance as expected.
The Monteranc surprise.

True to Monteranc's standard, it offers an impressive blend of gentleness and powerful functionality.

Extracted specially from superfoods,
the fresh green vegetable ingredients

work to empty out sebum and dead skin cells,
while replenishing moisture and elasticity,
effectively tightening pores.

The reason behind my pores' enlargement thus far.

1. Aggressive peeling methods.

Harsh scrubs, pore pads, and chemical exfoliants such as AHAs and BHAs, can ironically stimulate more sebum production when used long-term. Excess sebum can lead to enlarged pores and, if it hardens and oxidizes, blackheads can form.

The reason behind my pores' enlargement thus far.

2. Destruction of collagen around the pores

Physical irritation and skin troubles destruct collagen around the pores, leading to enlarged pores. Particularly, aggressive peeling treatments, including harsh scrubs, pads, AHAs, BHAs, and peeling agents, can damage the collagen surrounding the pores.
Micro-particles and residual sebum that aren't removed by cleansing can cause inflammatory troubles, leading to collagen destruction around the pores.

The reason behind my pores' enlargement thus far.

3. Age-related skin sagging.

Decreased skin volume and elasticity affect pores, making them appear deeper. This is particularly noticeable around the nose and cheek area, where the subcutaneous fat layer reduces and shifts towards the nasolabial folds, causing the skin to sag similarly to a deflating balloon.

The reason behind my pores' enlargement thus far.

4. Reactive oxygen species, which arise from oxidation.

Reactive oxygen species expand pores by stimulating sebum production, causing skin troubles, and destroying collagen.

Due to the complex nature of pore expansion, a comprehensive approach is necessary to address each contributing factor. Simply removing visible sebum and dead skin cells is not enough. Utilizing scientific analysis and advanced technology, the solution addresses sebum, dead skin cells, elasticity, irritation-induced collagen destruction in pore walls, antioxidation, whitening, and even preemptively targets future causes of pore enlargement.

Addressing the root causes of pore issues, a comprehensive and perfect solution for pore care.

A complex blend of highly concentrated superfoods

Egyptian spinach or Molokhia,

vegetables once exclusive to Egyptian royalty. Cleopatra reportedly applied crushed Molokhia leaves to her skin for its benefits. Rich in plant mucin and antioxidants, Molokhia forms a gel-like layer in the skin, filling gaps more effectively than collagen, moisturizing agents, or proteins. This helps support the area around enlarged, open pores.

Superfoods (Super detox and super antioxidant)

Barley grass

The potent antioxidants in superfoods combat the free radicals responsible for pore expansion.


An amino acid powerhouse and vital for collagen building, offer the most complete set of amino acids, including the essential leucine, helping in visibly reducing the appearance of deep pores.

Green rice*

Green rice, highly recommended by Dongui Bogam.**
Rich in amino acids essential for collagen building, it's n>especially abundant in lysine, which supports the structure of pore walls.

* Ingredient applied to cosmetics by Monteranc for the first time
** A famous Korean traditional medicine book

Green plum

The product incorporates a very gentle exfoliation using pure, natural green plum.

Limited to ingredient characteristics.

The effectiveness and gentleness of Monteranc Baby Pore Essence are attributed to the specialized concentration of natural, pore-nourishing ingredients.

Utilizing our special technology, these elements are extracted in ultra-high concentrations from a selection of lush green superfoods, precisely catering to the needs of your skin.

Extracted mucin from Egyptian spinach ensures tight, baby pores.

Mucin, a gel-like substance that fills gaps in the skin, naturally decreases with age. It forms a supportive layer around enlarged pores that even collagen can't fill.

Limited to ingredient characteristics.

Using mucin extracted from the royal vegetable spinach, achieve flawless baby pores.

Extracting mucin, a key skin component, in ultra-high concentration fills the gaps between skin cells and around pore walls, creating a seamless, firm texture.

Limited to ingredient characteristics.

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