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Teracle Pore Ampoule & Stamp Set

Teracle Pore Ampoule & Stamp Set

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Complex of 85 Active Ingredients

All three popular dermatological skin boosters at once

(Chanel ampoule, Re**ran, Exosome)


Monteranc's internationally validated ingredients


Highest concentration of Gamma PGA for optimal skin hydration and moisturization

Ampoule absorption with MTS Dermastamp.

Who started it first?

Monteranc was the first to introduce the Derma Stamp (Pore Stamp) and exclusive ampoules for home use, a concept initially developed for hospitals over 20 years ago. Monteranc's Pore Stamp+MNF Ampoule is revamped to Teracle Ampoule with upgraded ingredients, double the volume boost!

As Monteranc's Pore Stamp and functional ampoules gained explosive popularity, many imitations emerged.

However, Monteranc's unique, thoroughly researched and validated delivery system for ampoules remains incomparable, standing as a one-of-a-kind, original technology.

The Teracle Ampoule offers high functionality and assurance, eliminating any hesitation in its use. Whether used alone or in conjunction with a pore stamp,

just a single drop delivers remarkable effects.

Using it with the Pore Stamp (Dermastamp) enhances its effectiveness.

Over one million bottles repurchased.

Monteranc's original technology,

recognized by international journals.

Combining the top three

dermatological skin boosters

with Monteranc's 85 unique active ingredients

in high purity creates a superior blend.

Unveiling Korea's first home Dermastamp

in a functional ampoule, showcasing unique

technology for superior skin delivery

and Unmatched Power

Experience the marvel of Monteranc Teracle Pore Ampoule.

Here's the 100% real effect as told by our users:

Loved for Its Unmatched Technology.

Globally recognized research institutions have acknowledged the efficacy of MONTERANC Teracle Ampoule

The high-purity refinement of naturally derived pure vitamin C and its bioavailability maximization technique has been validated and approved for publication in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, a prestigious international academic journal.

Achieved a prestigious milestone by being featured in journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, a globally respected health policy administrative organization.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is an American administrative body overseeing health and medical policies and is recognized globally for its authority by medical professionals. MONTERANC has successfully passed the stringent review process of journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, known for its highest level of global credibility in the health sector.

Published in the world's leading biotechnology information center: U.S. NCBI indexed journal

Recognized by the prestigious U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an arm of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, MONTERANC's scholarly article passes the stringent review process, marking a significant success in the realm of world-class biotechnological research.

Monteranc redefines functional ampoule with its groundbreaking Teracle Ampoule.

The scientific combination of 85 active ingredients creates a high-functioning formula.

- Monteranc’s internationally recognized ingredients
- 100% of Chanel Ampoule's 51 active ingredients
- 100% of Re**ran's active ingredient PDRN
- Exosome
- Highest concentration of Gamma PGA
- Iris root extract
- 29 other highly purified active substances including stem cell extracts, peptides, growth factors, glutathione, etc.

Pore Ampoule Image

Improving pores and traces of blemishes is complex and can't be tackled with just a few ingredients.

That's why dermatological skin boosters are crafted with a blend of over 50 active ingredients, sometimes even reaching into the hundreds. Monteranc has developed a high-performance ampoule delivery system through extensive research, ensuring effective skin absorption. Despite its powerful functionality, the formula is bio-friendly and gentle on the skin. It also features cutting-edge technology that synergistically enhances the potency of each component.

Pore issues arise from a combination of factors like weakened pore wall elasticity, decreased dermal volume components, reduced regeneration ability, and impaired moisture-oil balance. Simply removing sebum artificially can prompt the skin to produce more sebum, worsening the condition. While removing sebum might temporarily reduce pore appearance, it doesn't resolve the issue of sagging, enlarged pores.

Monteranc’s internationally validated ingredients


Top three dermatological skin boosters

Monteranc’s three popular skin booster, Chanel ampoule’s 51 active ingredients, The active ingredients in Re**ran, such as PDRN, and exosome components, stimulate fibroblasts and growth factors, improving the elasticity of sagging and stretched pore walls and enhances the skin's boosting abilities.

Limited to ingredient characteristics.

Gamma PGA, exceptional moisturizing properties.

It was first introduced in Korea by Monteranc. Widely used in dermatology, it offers hydration up to 200 times that of hyaluronic acid and collagen, creating a robust skin barrier.

200 times stronger moisturizing power than hyaluronic acid, enhancing natural moisturizing factors for sustained hydration over two weeks.

gamma pga picture
In a comparison of the increase in skin NMF (natural moisturizing factor) by Gamma PGA, HA (filler ingredient), and collagen, Gamma PGA showed a superior effect.

1) Gamma PGA, an amino acid that enhances the skin's natural moisturizing factors (NMF), improves hydration, and maintains it for extended periods, protecting against dryness and external irritants. Notably, it possesses a moisturizing ability 200 times greater than hyaluronic acid, ensuring skin remains hydrated and more resilient.

2) While hyaluronic acid and collagen provide temporary skin hydration, Gamma PGA activates the skin's natural moisturizing factors, resulting in sustained moisture. This effect is not just temporary but lasts up to two weeks after application, offering prolonged hydration benefits.

3) Applying Gamma PGA improves skin elasticity and maintains hydration, eliminating diffuse reflection and creating a dewy, luminous effect. While everyone has natural moisturizing factors, they diminish with age. Supplementing with Gamma PGA can help everyone achieve this radiant, water-gloss effect.

Iris root extract

Iris, an amazing skin regenerating ingredient! An active ingredient extracted from Iris root, it contains high amounts of polyphenols and rich vitamins to increase pore elasticity and improve sebum regulation.

Clinical trials have shown a reduction in sebum by 10-60%, depending on the area of application. This helps prevent sebum from clogging pores and stops the accumulation of impurities within them. The treatment smoothens uneven pore texture, transforming it into a smoother skin surface.

Limited to ingredient characteristics.
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