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Teracle Vitamin C Ampoule 2ml x 10ea

Teracle Vitamin C Ampoule 2ml x 10ea

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The scholar who first identified vitamin C and won a Nobel Prize asserts that
"○○ Pure Vitamin C is ineffective."

Albert Szent-Györgyi, the scientist awarded the Nobel Prize for first isolating vitamin C, stated that
"only pure vitamin C extracted from natural sources is truly effective."

"Synthetic vitamin C, made only of ascorbic acid, lacks effectiveness, while vitamin C isolated from natural plants (vitamin plus cofactors) is a complete complex that is effective."

Cofactor: Teams up with vitamin C to create an antioxidant effect in a complex that includes hesperidin, rutin, quercetin, and tannins.

Albert Szent-Györgyi, who first isolated vitamin C from plants and demonstrated its antioxidant effects, was awarded the Nobel Prize and later expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of synthetic vitamin C.

World's first

17% naturally derived pure Vitamin C,

acclaimed by international journals

for its natural extraction technology.

Radiant whitening effect

in just five days,

preserving cofactors with

an advanced high-purity extraction technique.

World's first

17% natural pure Vitamin C,

Monteranc's bioavailability maximization

technology validated by research.

The body discerns the authentic, thus truly experiencing the real pure Vitamin C

with the remarkable effects of Monteranc Teracle Glow Ampoule.

Loved for Its Unmatched Technology.

Globally recognized research institutions have acknowledged the efficacy of MONTERANC Teracle Ampoule

The high-purity refinement of naturally derived pure vitamin C and its bioavailability maximization technique has been validated and approved for publication in the World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, a prestigious international academic journal.

Achieved a prestigious milestone by being featured in journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, a globally respected health policy administrative organization.

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is an American administrative body overseeing health and medical policies and is recognized globally for its authority by medical professionals. MONTERANC has successfully passed the stringent review process of journals indexed by the U.S. NIH, known for its highest level of global credibility in the health sector.

Published in the world's leading biotechnology information center: U.S. NCBI indexed journal

Recognized by the prestigious U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an arm of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, MONTERANC's scholarly article passes the stringent review process, marking a significant success in the realm of world-class biotechnological research.

Monteranc redefines vitamin C ampoule with its groundbreaking Teracle Ampoule.

Flawless design in targeting pigmentation.

World's first naturally derived pure Vitamin C at 17% (170,000 ppm).

Containing at least 17% pure Vitamin C extracted from natural plants (Variations in content may occur due to natural sourcing)

- Antioxidant, prevents melanin formation

Natural-Derived Vitamin E 5000ppm

- Powerful antioxidant properties

Ferulic Acid

- UV absorption, inhibits melanin production

Oil-Soluble Licorice Extract

- The oil-soluble licorice extract, adept at eliminating blemishes and impeding melanin synthesis, emerges as a luxury of the licorice world: from steaming, drying, and extracting 300kg of raw licorice, only 1.7g is procured, valued at 100 million won per 10kg (more than $76K). Unlike ordinary licorice extracts, this beneficial variant is infused with an astounding 350,000ppm of 'glabridin,' an active whitening agent with impressive efficacy. Virtually side-effect-free and exceptionally mild, it's composed purely of elements drawn out directly from licorice, without any synthetic intervention.


- Inhibits melanin production, antioxidant, prevents cell aging

Tranexamic Acid

- Globally acclaimed next-generation skin lightening ingredient. Suppresses MITF's key transcription factors, inhibiting melanin synthesis to eradicate or reduce melasma at its root


- Blocks UV-induced skin irritation, stimulates collagen synthesis

Limited to ingredient characteristics.
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