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Volumefilling Serum + Extract Set

Volumefilling Serum + Extract Set

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Volumefilling Serum & Extract

If you don't already look a decade younger,
it's time to focus.

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appearing a decade younger than your peers.

How Old

Do They Look?

Only Applied Volumefilling.

Unreal Age-Defying Effect

Accessible to Everyone

Look 10 Years Younger

Next-Generation Secret

Over 1 Million Bottles Repurchased

Loved World-wide for 17 Years

The Ultimate Age-Defying Serum

World's First Facial Volume Cosmetic

Proven by International Journal

Featuring Original Technology

for Unmatched Power

Experience the marvel of MONTERANC VOLUMEFILLING.

Here's the 100% real effect as told by our users:

Loved for Its Unmatched Technology.

Globally recognized research institutions have acknowledged the efficacy of MONTERANC VOLUMEFILLING

A collaborative study with Yonsei University College of Medicine led to 3 publications in the international journal.

A collaborative study with Yonsei University College of Medicine involving a sample consisting of diverse age groups from Europe, America, and Asia, has proven Monteranc Volumefilling effectiveness in facial volume enhancement, resulting in three articles approved for publication in the prestigious World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

Aging: Still focusing on wrinkles alone?

Even erasing them won't make you look 20 again.

3D Volume is the key point for a youthful look.

Monteranc redefines youth serums with its groundbreaking Volumefilling approach.

Why does she looks younger?

Why am I hesitant to look in the mirror lately?

Why does my face look less vibrant lately?

Why I am reluctant to take photos?

The reason: volume loss due to

Atrophic Aging,

starting in your 20s.

Over the last 50 years, medical studies have focused on how faces change with age and the aging process. Initially, attention was on wrinkles and skin sagging, believed to be caused by gravity. Recent consensus among scholars, however, identifies the main aging factors as changes in the subcutaneous soft tissues and bone structure, with the decrease in facial volume being the primary cause of facial aging.

The reason I look older lately

1. Decrease in Facial Fat Volume




Facial volume loss, causing a sunken appearance, mainly occurs due to a reduction in the fat layer. This facial fat isn't a single mass but compartmentalized, as shown here, with each compartment's volume decrease leading to increased signs of aging. This is distinct from simple weight loss. While many doctors have studied human anatomy for decades, this concept has only emerged in the last 15 years.

This is an explanation to aid understanding of facial aging, not a product description.

The reason I look older lately

2. Volume Loss Due to Skeletal Changes in Aging Faces

A study by Stanford Medical Center, involving 120 men and women divided into three age groups, used computer tomography (CT) to photograph facial bones. Researchers found that with aging, the eye socket (orbit) widens downward, enlarging the area around the eyes. The lower part of the cheekbones sags and diminishes, leading to a sunken appearance under the eyes and lower cheeks.

This is an explanation to aid understanding of facial aging, not a product description.

The reason I look older lately

3. Decreased in Dermis Volume

A. The volume of the dermis is predominantly made up of collagen, elastin, and ground substances (hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans), produced by fibroblasts, making them key to dermal volume. As we age, the reduction in fibroblasts leads to adecrease in facial volume.

B. Amino acids act as necessary components for the synthesis of proteins like collagen and elastin, which contribute to facial volume. The types and concentrations of amino acids vary between children and adults.

This is an explanation to aid understanding of facial aging, not a product description.

The reason I look older lately

4. Wrinkles, Shadows, and Skin Tone

Other aging factors include shadows, wrinkles, dull skin tone, oxidation, and reduced skin activity.

Since aging is influenced by these complex factors, a holistic approach is essential for enhancing each element. Scientific analysis and superior technology achieves unprecedented youthfulness: volume, lifting, elasticity, wrinkle improvement, and antioxidation.

Volumefilling: The Perfect Solution that Addresses All Elements of a Youthful Appearance.

Complex of 87 Active Ingredients

3D Action (Fat volume)

MTRB™: Proven volume-improving components
Voluplus™: Enhances not just size but also density

3D Action (Dermal volume)

Three types of coenzymes: Stimulate fibroblasts for volume
PDRN: Stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors
MTRB: Volume improvement ingredient, scientifically proven
Y-PGA: Collagen synthesis

Amino Reverse

25 types of amino acids: Ingredients for volume material

Activity Boosting

Two types of stem cell culture fluids: Enhances nutrition and skin activity
Three types of EGF: Acts as a signal for skin activity
12 types of vitamins: Stimulates biological functions
Seven types of electrolytes: Replenishes ion deficiency
Minerals: Improves metabolism

Lifting Action

21 types of peptides






Hyaluronic acid

Limited to ingredient characteristics.

Aging is Complex and Can't be Tackled with Just a Few Ingredients.

Dermatological skin boosters incorporate 50 to hundreds of active ingredients. Monteranc Volumefilling stands out not only for its unique ingredients but also for its acclaimed technological prowess in harmoniously maximizing the effectiveness of these components.

Monteranc Volumefilling,

How did it gain global recognition?

Concentration of Volume

Density of Volume

Bioavailability of Volume

are unparalleled.

1. 99.99% Ultra-Pure Volume Ingredient Refinement Technology

For over 20 years, Monteranc has pioneered the use of plant-based saponins for facial volume. Despite numerous imitations, Monteranc stands alone in refining these ingredients to an ultra-pure level of 99.99%.

2. Maximizing Bioavailability of Plant-Based Saponins

Monteranc's Volumefilling ingredient undergoes a specialized process to maximize bioavailability.
Plant-based saponins, existing as polymers, are challenging to deliver to targeted skin areas with simple mixing.
Hence, Volumefilling involves a unique processing method and precise blending with carrier materials to enhance bioavailability effectively.

3. Not Just Volume, But Density

Combining plant-based saponins alone increases volume but not density. Monteranc uniquely blends its proprietary ingredient Voluplus with the research-backed component MTRB to boost both volume and density.

Amino Reverse: The Essential Path to Youth.

From the 4th generation of Volumefilling, Amino Reverse technology has been activated.
The skin of children and adults is distinct, not just in amino acid types but also in their concentrations. These acids are critical for synthesizing key skin proteins such as collagen and elastin, which are vital for preserving skin moisture. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, derived from amino acids such as glutamine, are instrumental in enhancing skin hydration and softness.
Amino Reverse taps into these differences, fostering a youthful skin environment at its core, a revolutionary approach to recapturing the essence of youthful skin.

Proven by International Journals: Brilliant and Exceptional Effectiveness

Creating unparalleled cosmetics demands "everything" to be extraordinary.

Monteranc achieved unmatched results through rigorous research and innovation in raw material acquisition, formulation, processing, and skin delivery systems.

Recognized after stringent peer review in global academic journals, Monteranc establishes its efficacy through distinguished clinical research.

Conducted by experts in state-of-the-art facilities, Monteranc's Volumefilling and its ingredients surpass typical short-term clinical trials, earning a spotlight in international journals.

Revealing Scientific Validation of Volumefilling and its Ingredients:

Facial aging occurs as fat cells diminish in size, leading to decreased function and differentiation. A recent study presents a report on the improvement of aging signs using Volumefilling.

Improvement of Facial Volume

Using Volumefilling Ingredients

Figure 1. Mean FVLS as evaluated by clinicians.
FVLS: Facial Volume Loss Scale
(Higher values indicate greater volume loss)

According to FVLS assessments taken by the researchers, all patients displayed improvements in facial volume by 3 months, which is explained by the change in height of the bar from the standard period at 1 month and 3 months.
While statistically significant post-application values were observed during each follow-up observation visit, the treatment effect lasted a maximum of 18 to 24 months. The results showed dramatic improvement levels during the 3 month visit.

Improvement of Nasolabial Folds

Evaluation of Volumefilling Ingredients

Enhancement of Intracellular Fat Production

Evaluation of Volumefilling Ingredients

Achieve a Younger Looking Face with Monteranc Volumefilling

[Step 1. Wrinkle control]

[Step 2. Volume control]

[Step 3. Natural maintenance]

Finally, unraveling the enigma of aging,

The youthful face is characterized by a heart-line, formed by a voluminous connection between the cheeks and chin.
In aged face, this heart shape and triangle invert.

Achieving the Heart-Line Shape Again is Possible with Monteranc.

Until now, unrivaled.
From now on, a different dimension.

The 4th generation, revamped Volumefilling, transforms the very foundation of youthfulness with the Amino Reverse technology, recreating the amino acid environment of a child's skin.

Numerous Imitations Emerged, But The Original Monteranc Stands Out on Another Level.

Never complacent, Monteranc continues to research and invest in advanced formulas. The latest version of the product has undergone 9 upgrades.

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